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Don't Trade With Your Eyes Closed

Learn the Trading Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make!

This course helps new and seasoned traders learn how to identify trading mistakes so they can avoid costly mistakes.

After Taking This Course You Will Have:

Plus Bonuses:

  • knowledge of mistakes others have made so you can avoid them
  • clues to how to succeed in stock market trading which means a greater chance of success
  • the ability to put together a Trading Plan which will keep your trading strategies and tactics organized
  • an understanding of how your mind plays tricks so you can be on the watch for them
  • insight to keep yourself from using biases that could lose you money which means you’ll have more money to trade

  • A Trading Plan Template with ideas for your own Trading Plan
  • Trading Journal Outline with ideas for your own Trading Journal
  • 35 Side Quests! (Optional learning opportunities)

Course 01 – Trading Mistakes – Don’t Let Your Mind Trick You Into Making These Trading Mistakes

Win the mental game!

Learn the Mistakes and Biases to Avoid

Are you frustrated with your trading? Do you want to stop making silly little mistakes that cost you money?

During the heat of the battle of putting your hard-earned money on the line, mistakes can become costly. It’s understandable, trading can be stressful and when you are stressed making the right decisions is harder.

Biases are shortcuts our minds take that have helped us survive. BUT, they can also short-change us into deceptive thinking. When it happens when we should be concentrating on the markets it can be distracting and cause us to make poor decisions.

Become Mentally Powerful and Ready to Win

Having the right mental make-up is important in trading. Being able to control your emotions when a trade goes against you keeps you from overreacting in a way that causes you to take a more risky trade. Being able to accept the frustration of taking a stop on a trade, based on your Trading Plan, then seeing your trade reverse and go higher is equally upsetting. Having confidence in your trading tactics as well as your mental approach to trading is paramount to the survival of your trading account.

Possessing control of your mental processes is important in managing risk.

Get ahead of the game by knowing the common trading mistakes others have made as well as the natural biases that your mind creates in an investing and trading environment.

Mistakes are Organized Into Nice Neat Categories

Trading Mistakes
After collecting hundreds of mistakes they were grouped into specific categories to make them easy for you to recognize.

In the course, we’ll go over the most reported mistakes.

Using Trading Mistakes to Create Trading Strategies and Tactics
We’ll go through the trading mistakes and use them to create your own strategies and trading tactics.

Biases that Slip into the Traders Minds
We’ll define over 200 biases then give examples of how they relate to investing and trading. Many are backed up with in-depth articles that you can choose to read if you want to.

Mistake Categories:
What Traders Say
Choosing What to Trade
Monitoring the Market
Trading Journal
Risk Management
Money Management
Using Stops
Trade Targets

Build Your Trading Plan!

This course will give you the tools you need to build your own Trading Plan.

We’ll use the categories listed above as the outline which will make your Trading Plan well-rounded.

You’ll be given lots of examples that you can use.

Finally, you’ll also get a SAMPLE TRADING PLAN that you can modify as a quick start for building your Trading Plan.

Many students have commented that the Trading Plan module is worth the time of the entire course.


First of all, a BIG THANK YOU!
I’ve taken ToS (Think or Swim by TD Ameritrade) investment course where they went over a trading plan. I wasn’t impressed with it. Yours blows theirs away. I’ve seen others which were purely indicator driven.

While totally encompassing it can be overwhelming. There is much to include, to consider. It will take time to put together.  As my experience grows the plan will change. It may get larger or smaller. But that’s where it shines. To succeed it needs to be treated as a business. You succinctly point that out. Creating a plan takes the same commitment as it will to succeed in trading/investing. Trading/investing success is dependent upon an evolving committed encompassing trading plan – you get that point across.
Bob L.


I really enjoyed “Course 01-Trading Mistakes” and was actually excited to read all the contents.
This will definitely help me make my first trading plan. I am very thankful for the passionate author.
 Luis C

Mistakes Students  Say This Course Will Help Them Avoid:
Psychology Mistakes
Trading without a plan
Will no longer chase the market
Not using proper risk management
Not over trading and blowing my account
Using bad risk management
Not being patient

What Did You Learn About Trading Plans?
Using a Risk : Reward Ratio
All tips useful!
Set of rules before placing the trade
Rules and conditions to make my own trading plan
All the things to include in it

After taking this course, students rate themselves higher in knowing about trading mistakes and rate themselves higher in knowing how to create a Trading Plan.

Course Outline
Module 1 – Trading Mistakes
What Can We Learn From Others’ Trading Mistakes?
Top 10 Trading Mistakes
Personal – 42 Psychological Mistakes (wrong mental mindsets)
Personal – 21 Expectation and 27 Listening to Others Mistakes
Pre-Trade – 33 Strategy and 46 Tactic Mistakes
Pre-Trade – 14 Research and 9 Monitoring the Market Mistakes
Choosing the Trade – 47 Choosing What To Trade Mistakes
Choosing the Trade – 22 Risk Management and 40 Money Management Mistakes
For and During the Trade – 11 Using Stops and 6 Setting Trade Target Mistakes
Long Answers

Module 2 – Building a Trading Plan
Trading Rules – Trading Plans
Pre-Trade Strategy
Pre-Trade Tactics and Trading Rules
Pre-Trade – Research and Monitoring the Market
Choosing the Trade – Fundamental Analysis Trading Plan Ideas
Choosing the Trade – Technical Analysis Trading Plan Ideas
Choosing the Trade – Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō Trading Plan Ideas
Choosing the Trade – Social Analysis and Qualitative Metrics
Choosing the Trade – Risk Management and Money Management
For and During the Trade – Trading Journal
For and During the Trade – Stops and Target
Sample Trading Plan

Module 3 – Psychology of Trading
The Psychology of Trading
Positive Expectation Statements
Positive Psychological Statements
Controlling Trader Bias Part 1
Controlling Trader Bias Part 2

Course 01 – Trading Mistakes – Don’t Let Your Mind Trick You Into Making These Trading Mistakes

I offer this course for FREE because I believe every beginning trader can benefit from the information.

This also gives you a chance to see my teaching style. All my other courses follow the same detailed instructional design approaches which have been proven to be successful for internet based training.

Remember the Bonuses!

   • A Trading Plan Template with ideas for your own Trading Plan
   • Trading Journal Outline with ideas for your own Trading Journal
      • 35 Side Quests! (Optional learning opportunities)