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Learn How the Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō Cloud System Works

Ichimoku is a complete system designed to help you understand market action.

This course is for traders wanting a solid understanding of the basics of the Ichimoku technical analysis system.

Ichimoku helps you understand stock charts.

After Taking This Course You Will Be Able To:

Which Means You:

  • identify, recognize, and explain the elements of the Ichimoku system
  • be able to correctly pronounce the names of the lines of the system
  • recognize the many nicknames used
  • analyze the information the Ichimoku system presents on charts
  • interpret price action based on using the system

  • will be able to compare two charts to each other to see which one is better for your strategy
  • will know why the lines of the system are moving up or down
  • will know the importance of the relationships between the lines

Course 02 – Learn Ichimoku – Learn How the Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō Cloud System Works – Stock Weather

Learn Ichimoku to eliminate confusionDo You Get Confused Looking at Stock Charts?

Trading is a hard business and being perplexed by stock charts increases the danger of making losing trades. Not having a sound approach creates disorganization when planning how, when, and what to trade.


Ichimoku Makes it Easier For You

Ichimoku is a technical analysis system designed to help you understand stock charts and the market action they contain. With a quick glance at a chart that uses Ichimoku, you can rapidly see the current conditions of a stock, ETF, index, or mutual fund.

Introduced for the first time in this training course is a 3 Pass Process which after learning, makes looking at the lines of the system as easy as 1, 2, 3. Understanding this process helps you know exactly how to look at each line giving you maximum insight into the information presented on the chart. 

The purpose of learning Ichimoku is to help you understand price action. This course trains you to interpret price action based on the information provided by Ichimoku.

Step-by-Step Gradual Addition of Learning Elements

You’ll start by learning the five lines of the system. We go over how to pronounce them by listening to native speakers using the correct pronunciation. 


While researching Ichimoku I would sometimes get confused with all the nicknames, not knowing exactly what part of the system they were referencing. For this reason, I’ve included an extensive list of every nickname I’ve ever seen so you will become familiar making future research easier. I’ve been collecting nicknames for 10 years.

We go through the specific characteristics of each line. These lessons are incredibly enlightening, you’ll learn what to expect from each line. You will then get to use the 3 Pass Process to become aware of the significance of each line.

You will be able to recognize what is important on any chart. 

After taking this course, the lines of Ichimoku will be much easier to understand and interpret. Hopefully, they will become an integral part of your analysis giving you clues to understanding price movement on stock charts.

Course Outline
Module 1 – What Is the Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō Cloud System? {Click this Link to see a Free Preview of Module 1 Lessons}
Know the Purpose of Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō
Goichi Hosoda Created the Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō System
Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō Pronunciation and Nicknames
The Five Lines of the Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō Trading System
William Grantham’s Expanded Weather Analogy

Module 2 – How to Use Ichimoku’s Tenkan-Sen – the Wind in the Weather System
Tenkan-sen Pronunciation and Nicknames
The Tenkan-sen’s Formula Creates Moving Midpoints Based on 9 Periods
Tenkan-sen Characteristics Including Quickly Changing Angles
Tenkan-sen 3 Pass Process; The Environment, Personality, and Price Dance

Module 3 – How to Use Ichimoku’s Kijun-Sen – the Jet Stream
Kijun-sen Pronunciation and Nicknames
The Kijun-sen’s Formula Creates Moving Midpoints Based on 26 Periods
Kijun-sen Characteristics Including Attracting Price
Kijun-sen 3 Pass Process; the Environment, Personality, and Price Dance

Module 4 – The Importance of the Chikou Span – Shadow Line
Chikou Span Pronunciation and Nicknames
Chikou Span Formula, It Lags 26 Periods in the Past
Chikou Span Characteristics, Cheer When It’s Free and Clear

Module 5 – The Kumo Cloud – What is Ichimoku’s Cloud Indicator?
Kumo Pronunciation and Nicknames
Kumo Formulas for the Lines the Senkou Span A and B
Kumo Characteristics, Resistance as Well as Support
Kumo 3 Pass Process; Trends, Plateaus, and Crosses

I first came across Ichimoku just 8 weeks ago, and after working my way through your courses, I feel that it is starting to sink in a bit.
Pat M.

When asked what they like about learning the 3 Pass Process, Bob L. said: Helps to understand the past and present price action of the stock and whether it suggests a continuation of the current price action.

All very good. I would think anyone improve their skill using Ichimoku take these courses and not regret.
Raffie P.

Jafar A. stated that one of the things about this course that he liked was the explanations of what happens when price crosses the Kijun-sen.

Students taking this course rate their knowledgeable of Ichimoku higher after taking this course.
Students taking this course rate their ability to analyze charts higher upon completion.
Students taking this course feel they can now pronounce  Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō correctly.

Course 02 – Learn Ichimoku – Learn How the Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō Cloud System Works – Stock Weather

Thorough In-depth Training!

   • 111 Charts
   • Pronunciation Guides
   • Master the 3 Pass Process
      • 14 Side Quests! (Optional learning opportunities)


You can always try Module 1 as a free preview to see if you like my teaching style!