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How to Use Ichimoku to find Sector Rotation – 9-Chart Forecast

Spotting Money Flow in Sector Rotation Is Now Easier

This course will teach you how to quickly determine money flow in and out of nine most-watched sectors.
Knowing sector rotation can help you know which sectors to focus on.

After Taking This Course You Will Be Able To:

Sector Rotation

  • quickly see money flow helping you know which sectors to focus on
  • see each sector’s short, medium, and long-term trends and watch how turns in the short and medium foretell turns in the long-term
  • spot which sectors are trending, consolidating, or contracting which means you will know when to tighten stops or add to positions

Money tends to flow from one sector to another.
It’s easy to track this flow of funds by viewing the major sectors together with Ichimoku. Ichimoku makes it easy to see trends and looking at the groups together shows where the money is flowing.
Market rotation is sometimes tied to the economy.

Course 06 – Sector Rotation – How to Use Ichimoku to Find Sector Rotation – Climate Cycles

Having No Clue About Sector Rotation Is Ignoring Major Market Trends

Most people are clueless about the markets. But as a trader, it’s your job to be aware of what is going on. Most traders know what the major indexes are doing. Do you know what the sectors are doing? Which is the current hottest sector? Which is the current weakest sector?

It’s Easy To Track Sector Rotation Using 9-Grid Ichimoku

Now there is no excuse. Even if you don’t take this course, it’s easy to pull up the major sectors and observe what is going on. After taking this course, you’ll see years’ worth of rotations making it easy to see and sometimes easy to predict what is going on.

Become a Master of Describing Sector Rotation

After taking this course you’ll be able to glance at a grid of the 9 major sectors and looking at the Cloud be able to list in order, which sectors are seeing money flowing in down to which sectors have money flowing out. 

We’ll also compare the Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen positions to determine shorter time frame movements. 

The feeling of satisfaction of knowing market rotation can help you make decisions on which sectors you want to trade. You’ll find that by using Ichimoku it’s a lot simpler than you would have ever imagined. 

The big bonus is this will enhance your understanding of viewing Ichimoku on regular charts.

Course Outline
Module 1 – 2010-2011 Sector Rotation {Click this Link to see a Free Preview of Module 1 Lessons}
2010 Sector Rotation
2011 Sector Rotation

Module 2 – 2012-2015 Sector Rotation
2012 Sector Rotation
2013 Sector Rotation
2014 Sector Rotation
2015 Sector Rotation

Module 3 – 2016-2019 Sector Rotation
2016 Sector Rotation
2017 Sector Rotation
2018 Sector Rotation
2019 Sector Rotation

Course 06 – Sector Rotation – How to Use Ichimoku to Find Sector Rotation – Climate Cycles