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Step by Step Kumo Breakout Walkthrough

Ichimoku is a complete system designed to help you understand market action.

Have you ever watched someone else trade? Now is your chance.
Sit behind me and watch as I trade.
Some of the trades work out,
others get stopped out, and I exlpain my moves all along the way.

After Taking This Course You Will Be Able To:

Which Means You:

  • identify, recognize, and explain the elements of the Ichimoku system
  • be able to correctly pronounce the names of the lines of the system
  • recognize the many nicknames used
  • analyze the information the Ichimoku system presents on charts
  • interpret price action based on using the system

  • will be able to compare two charts to each other to see which one is better for your strategy
  • will know why the lines of the system are moving up or down
  • will know the importance of the relationships between the lines

Course 07 – Kumo Breakouts – Step by Step Kumo Breakout Walkthrough – Finding Rainbows

Are You New To Trading?

Sometimes you wonder how other traders approach trading. It can be a solitary experience. Reading posts of people pumping on social media bragging trying to bring new traders to their trades can be convincing and confusing. Do they have your best interest in mind?

Reading books and articles can be insightful and provide you with information on trading but usually, they are full of strategies and tactics and don’t offer walkthroughs. It’s like reading about swimming, know the techniques but never watching someone swim. And they expect you to just jump in and start swimming yourself, in the deep end.

It would be nice just to watch someone swim for a while so you can see how all the elements fit together. Watching someone else swim gives you clues on how to breathe, how to move your arms, and how to kick.

In this course, you can watch someone swim.

Time to Dive in

In this course, you’ll look over the shoulder as a trader places trades. You’ll see how the trades are managed as they play out. The trades are started with the signal trigger of a Kumo breakout. If the candidate fits the Trading Plan then it’s “trade on!” 

The trade starts with a risk to reward ratio of 1:3. The initial stop is placed 10% below the entry and the target price is 30% above. If the trade starts to work out the stop is moved up or divided in two and the second stop is moved up. Watch the trade play out as if in real-time. See how the trader swims. If the trade goes well and reaches its target confetti will fly and there will be a celebration.

Course Outline
Module 1 – 2010 Step by Step Trade Walkthrough {Click this Link to see a Free Preview of Module 1 Lessons}
2010 Kumo Breakout AAP, Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
2010 Kumo Breakout ABG, Asbury Automotive Group, Inc.
2010 Kumo Breakout AFG, American Financial Group, Inc.

Module 2 – 2011 Step by Step Trade Walkthrough
2011 Kumo Breakout BA, The Boeing Company
2011 Kumo Breakout BC, Brunswick Corporation
2011 Kumo Breakout BEN, Franklin Resources, Inc.

Module 3 – 2012 Step by Step Trade Walkthrough
2012 Kumo Breakout CAH, Cardinal Health, Inc.
2012 Kumo Breakout CAR, Avis Budget Group, Inc.
2012 Kumo Breakout CASS, Cass Information Systems, Inc.

Module 4 – 2013 Step by Step Trade Walkthrough
2013 Kumo Breakout DDD, 3D Systems Corporation
2013 Kumo Breakout DECK, Deckers Outdoor Corporation
2013 Kumo Breakout DGX, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated

Course 07 – Kumo Breakouts – Step by Step Kumo Breakout Walkthrough – Finding Rainbows