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Becoming an Expert in Social Analysis Helps You Research Stock Companies

Add social analysis to fundamental and technical analysis for well-rounded research.

This course is for traders wanting to know what is going on inside companies.
Peek behind the curtain to find out what is going on inside companies.
You'll also learn how to evaluate companies' social media outward reach.

Examples of Social Analysis Can Be:

Social Analysis

  • watching the information a company makes public
  • see which information the public re-tweets or comments on
  • monitoring the social channels of a company
  • researching what employees and ex-employees are saying about the company
  • how many people work at the company
  • reviewing the increase or decrease of a companies website and social media popularity
  • reading blog posts by officials at a company
  • seeing which social issues a company rallies around
  • reading a companies press releases

How does a company present itself through social media? How does the scout for new employees? What do employees say about the company? What social issues does a company rally around? These questions and more are answered in this course.

Course 08 – Social Analysis – Why Invest in a Company That Has Unhappy Employees – Playing Outside

Companies Used to Operate in the Dark Only Showing a Little to the Public

That was the past, nowadays, thanks to the internet, we as traders have many ways to learn about a company’s culture. Not looking beyond the public face a company is showing us leaves in the dark guessing what life is like inside a company. Is everything going smoothly?

Use Specialized Websites and Social Media Discovery Tactics to Reveal a Company’s Personality
You’re on social media and the companies you want to own are on social media. Learn the quick tips to dig into companies to find their culture, retweetability, and social reach. Monitor if their web presence is growing or shrinking. Read what ex-employees say about management. Use the fact that all companies have to have a social presence to your advantage to help you decide which companies to invest your hard-earned money with.

Are Employees Happy? Is Reach Expanding? Is Social Media Game Compelling?

Knowing the way a company reaches out to customers and the way they do it helps you to understand the possible prospects of investing in these companies. Understanding these techniques is a rare opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on.

The confidence you gain by knowing these outlets helps you to make better buying and selling decisions in your trading.

Course Outline
Module 1 – Social Sites {Click this Link to see a Free Preview of Module 1 Lessons}
Sentiment Viz for Twitter
Social Searcher
FINRA Caveat

Module 2 – Research Ideas
Companies Websites
Google Trends
Google Alerts
Quantitative Sentiment Analysis
Quiver Quantitative

Module 3 – Employee Review Sites
Glassdoor Lowest Rating

Course 08 – Social Analysis – Why Invest in a Company That Has Unhappy Employees – Playing Outside