Module 1 – Intermarket Ratios
Module 2 – Economic Indicators
Module 3 – Going Deeper – Risky to Ultra Safe

Introduction – Amazing Other Uses for Ichimoku


Module 1 – Intermarket Ratios
Module 2 – Economic Indicators
Module 3 – Going Deeper – Risky to Ultra Safe

In this course, we’ll first take a look at how Intermarket Ratios can be viewed using Ichimoku. I’ve broken them down into five categories.
     •  Market Health
     •  Cyclical vs. Defensive
     •  Market vs. Bonds
     •  Bond Prices vs. Yield
     •  Inflation & Energy

You can use Intermarket Ratios to find clues to market directions.

Speaking of market directions, we’ll dive into how to discern Market Rotation with the help of Ichimoku. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to see the money flow, which sectors have money flowing in, and which sectors have money flowing out. Know this can help to see where the market is in the economic cycle.

Also included is a selection of economic indicators viewed with Ichimoku. Some work better than others.

We’ll take a quick look at initial public offerings or IPOs. When a stock begins trading there are no Ichimoku lines because there isn’t enough data for the calculations. It’s fun watching the lines of Ichimoku appear as the data becomes available. Also, waiting for the arrival of the display can help keep you from buying in too soon. 

In SPY vs. SH, we view two ETFs that are opposite reflections of each other. In theory, when SPY is going up, SH should be going down. And when SPY is going down, SH should be going up. We’ll take a look to find out if this is a tradable situation. 

In the lesson on the Three-Fund Portfolio, you’ll learn about a powerfully simple way to trade. If you don’t have the time to perform due diligence then this method can help you to still be in control of your investments. We’ll also go over how Ichimoku can even help in this trading method.  

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • evaluate Intermarket Ratios for clues to market direction and market health
  • use Ichimoku to interpret economic indicators
  • understand market rotation from an Ichimoku viewpoint
  • know when to use Heikin-Ashi for easier viewing of candlesticks
  • appraise special market indicators
  • watch Ichimoku form on IPOs
  • play the market both ways by watching SPY vs. SH
  • create a risk-averse three-fund portfolio

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