Module 1 – Trading Mistakes
Module 2 – Building a Trading Plan
Module 3 – Psychology of Trading

Introduction to Trading Mistakes

Module 1 – Trading Mistakes

In this module, you’ll learn about the most common trading mistakes as well as less known mistakes. You’ll find that by labeling the different categories you’ll learn to distinguish specific areas of mistakes which will make you mindful and hopefully keep you from repeating the mistakes of others.

The research presented in this module is unique and the organization was created explicitly for this course.

Module Objectives

After taking this module you’ll be able to:
  • recognize trading mistakes before they happen
  • distinguish areas of concern
  • give examples of psychological trading mistakes
  • do better analysis thanks to knowing about research mistakes
  • compare strategy vs. tactic mistakes
  • make better decisions in choosing what and when to trade
  • judge your trading performance and critique your trading journal
  • develop good habits by planning for money management mistakes
  • relax during trading knowing what risk management mistakes not to make
  • understand the power of using stops and setting trade targets
  • manage your trading expectations of yourself