Module 1 – Stops and Targets
Module 2 – Finding Trade Signals and Creating Strategies
Module 3 - Scanning for Ichimoku Signals

Introduction – Using Ichimoku to Find Trading Ideas


Module 1– Stops and Targets
Module 2 – Trade Signals and Strategies
Module 3 – Scanning for Ichimoku Signals

Before you find a trade you need to know your trading rules for how to manage the trade. In Module 1, we’ll go over examples for setting stops and price targets. We’ll also cover time targets which are often overlooked by traders.

You’ll also learn how shorter time frames can help you decide when to enter after you have a trade signal.

In Module 2, it will be pointed out that just because a chart gives a buy signal, that doesn’t mean you should buy in. It depends on your trading rules, risk tolerance, and objectives. Also, two similar-looking Ichimoku chart patterns can differ depending on the dollar range. A 10% stop on one could be below several resistance areas while the 10% stop on another could be within a day’s trading range. 

Ichimoku provides many trading signals and you’ll learn that some are more powerful than others. You’ll also see that a signal doesn’t exist in a vacuum, reading and understanding a combination of signals is needed to decipher if a single signal should be acted on. 

We’ll go over the main signals and show how you can develop your own strategies for trading them. You’ll learn how dropping down to shorter time frames can help you fine-tune entries. You’ll learn watching volume is important and increasing volume can give strength to a trading signal. 

In the last module, we’ll show you how to set up scans for Ichimoku and go over how to do it for free on

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • find stop levels based on your risk tolerance
  • use stop losses and find price targets
  • use shorter time frames to fine-tune entries
  • tell the difference between two patterns that look the same
  • understand trade signals also confirm trends
  • how to use trade signals to create trading strategies
  • examine volume levels for clues to momentum
  • write scans for Ichimoku trade signals

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