Module 1 – How to Track Price Action on Ichimoku Charts
Module 2 – Finding Support and Resistance
Module 3 – Reading the Charts

Reading Charts Module 1 Review

In this module, you’ve learned how to find short, medium, and long-term trends. Keeping track of the short and medium trends and seeing how long they last gives insight into the momentum and strength of the long-term trend. You can now judge when a longer-term trend is ending based on the characteristics of the shorter trends.

Short Term Trend – Price to Kijun-sen
Medium Term Trend – Tenkan-sen to Kijun-sen
Long Term Trend – Price to Cloud

You can now look at charts and apply the Questions for Charts Worksheet to determine what is going on with the chart.

Price to Everything
     • Current Candlesticks
     • Price Action
     • Trends

 Current Price Action to
     • Kumo
     • Kijun-sen
     • Tenkan-sen
     • Chikou Span

Past Price Action to the Cloud Lines, Kijun-sen, and Tenkan-sen Lines
     • Current Rides
     • Historical Rides
     • Touches
     • Crosses

Questions for the Lines
     • Kumo
     • Future Kumo
     • Kijun-sen
     • Tenkan-sen
     • Chikou Span

Side Quests From This Module

Side Quest – Understanding Candlesticks
April 6, 2020. Understanding Candlesticks. Ichimoku Weather.

Side Quest: Questions for the Charts Printable Worksheet
Follow the link to print or download a pdf for easy reference.